When selecting his best pictures, the photographer runs a serious risk of bias. His feelings at the moment he took the shots may even interfere in the editing process, but should really not be important when selecting pictures. If a particular shot was difficult or even dangerous, or if it is valuable to him for some reason that is solely subjective, none of this justifies his choice. "What counts is the result, the proof of the conviction left by the photograph. If not, there would be no end to describing unsuccessful photographs existing only in the photographer's eye", teaches the Master, Cartier-Bresson.

Although I always show
my photographs to friends, professional colleagues, and particularly my wife and children - all very severe critics - the final decision and the responsibility for the selection are mine. I try to follow the rule outlined above, but if you disagree, dear visitor to this website, please send me your comments. I would appreciate hearing your criticisms and observations. Please feel free to use and abuse the talk to me section. Did you like or dislike a specific photo? Why? Your opinion is important to me. I look forward to receiving your comments.

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